Susan Deitz

Susan Dietz' Creators syndicated column appears in Newsday. The column, "Single File" deals with Dietz answers to letters from single readers seeking relationship advice.

Susan Deitz 3/25/15 Single File: When friends become family DEAR SUSAN: I tend to think that the rise of "friends as family" (as in
Susan Deitz 3/18/15 Single File: Trust your instincts on dating DEAR SUSAN:I finally ended a long marriage that was filled with lies, cheating and mental
Susan Deitz 3/6/15 Single File: Friendship at core of successful relationships DEAR SUSAN: My husband and I celebrated our 34th anniversary last summer. We met in
Susan Deitz 3/3/15 Single File: Neediness doesn't help search for a partner DEAR SUSAN: Why do so many other people who are pursuing interests have a boyfriend/girlfriend
Susan Deitz 2/24/15 Single File: Single lifenever gets old DEAR SUSAN: I love you more than I did before! Your response to a lovely
Susan Deitz 2/9/15 We should all be a little kinder If there's one religion we can all practice, it's Kindness. Kindness has no boundaries, no
Susan Deitz 1/30/15 Single File: Honesty is not always the best policy DEAR SUSAN: When unmarried people want out of a relationship, you advise them to say
Susan Deitz 1/23/15 Single File: Woman won't uproot her son without marriage DEAR SUSAN: I am 35 with a 10-year-old son and have been seeing a 26-year-old
Susan Deitz 1/19/15 Single File: Nice guys don't really finish last DEAR SUSAN: From what I see in the singles playground, women fall for the phony
Susan Deitz 1/9/15 Single File: Singles are active family participants DEAR SUSAN: Maybe I'm flying blind, but just yesterday I heard at the gym that