Susan Deitz

Susan Dietz' Creators syndicated column appears in Newsday. The column, "Single File" deals with Dietz answers to letters from single readers seeking relationship advice.

Susan Deitz 6/26/15 Single File: Women not alone in getting hurt DEAR SUSAN: "Men don't realize the hurt and disillusionment that come with waiting for the
Susan Deitz 6/25/15 Single File: Friendships are worth cultivating DEAR SUSAN: Thanks for your words about friendship. I really hope they spark something for
Susan Deitz 6/12/15 Single File: Choosing reality over fantasy is not settling DEAR SUSAN: I ask you: Do people have to settle for less? Do I think
Susan Deitz 6/10/15 Single File: Desperation can be self-fulfilling DEAR SUSAN: Sometimes desperation doesn't begin as desperation. Time does that. Pursuing interests is what
Susan Deitz 6/3/15 Single File: Finding comfort in singleness DEAR SUSAN: My feeling is that dating adds to life but doesn't make it complete.
Susan Deitz 5/29/15 Single File: Find what works for you in order to find love DEAR SUSAN: Your "Single File" blog is a good thing; it lets us bounce around
Susan Deitz 5/21/15 Single File: Take time before investing fully DEAR SUSAN: A fellow blogger was absolutely right in saying that four months is a
Susan Deitz 5/12/15 Single File: Male anger still an issue DEAR SUSAN: Fair's fair, so why are you letting off the hook the phenomenon of
Susan Deitz 5/1/15 Single File: Male rants not about nice guys DEAR SUSAN: Most men use the term "nice guy" to mean a guy who likes
Susan Deitz 4/29/15 Single File: Sex that feels wrong is wrong for you DEAR SUSAN: The "pressure to engage in sexual activity" (your words) comes from sexual needs,