Susan Deitz

Susan Dietz' Creators syndicated column appears in Newsday. The column, "Single File" deals with Dietz answers to letters from single readers seeking relationship advice.

Susan Deitz 10/27/15 Single File: Stingy people don't give of themselves either DEAR SUSAN: I'm not averse to pulling my own weight. I've asked guys out, and
Susan Deitz 10/16/15 Single File: Alone time can be meaningful DEAR SUSAN: Quite by accident, I read your column and found your observation about being
Susan Deitz 10/15/15 Single File: Rejection not exclusive to women DEAR SUSAN: Wow. One non-call and a "Single File" blogger decides he knows all about
Susan Deitz 10/5/15 Single File: Run away from jealous partner DEAR SUSAN: I've been seeing my current beau for over three years. He has never
Susan Deitz 10/2/15 Single File: Pretty girls should take some initiative DEAR SUSAN: Where's the pretty girl who isn't with someone? Here! I'm the girl men
Susan Deitz 9/28/15 Single File: Happiness is a choice DEAR SUSAN: To answer a fellow blogger's sorrowful rants about his life as compared with
Susan Deitz 9/13/15 Single File: Feeling complete comes from within DEAR SUSAN: I know it's crazy, but I actually feel like more of a woman
Susan Deitz 9/11/15 Single File: There's no right or wrong place to find love DEAR SUSAN: Your column about love as a catalyst was pretty good! The act of
Susan Deitz 9/3/15 Single File: Snap judgments get us nowhere DEAR SUSAN: I'd like to respond to the blogger who commented on two overweight women