Susan Deitz

Susan Dietz' Creators syndicated column appears in Newsday. The column, "Single File" deals with Dietz answers to letters from single readers seeking relationship advice.

Susan Deitz 7/31/15 Single File: Nurture yourself after a breakup DEAR SUSAN: I am a 27-year-old woman who recently went through a very painful ending
Susan Deitz 7/24/15 Single File: Heartbreak hurts at any age DEAR SUSAN: Your recent column about the end of love really hit home. At the
Susan Deitz 7/22/15 Single File: Dating game actually can be fun DEAR SUSAN: Everyone talks about the dating game. What is it, and how should I
Susan Deitz 7/15/15 Single File: Being an old maid is all about attitude DEAR SUSAN: The other day, someone called me an old maid. Hey, I have been
Susan Deitz 7/3/15 Single File: You can change your life DEAR SUSAN: Around the age of 30, I was so beaten up by serial relationships
Susan Deitz 6/26/15 Single File: Women not alone in getting hurt DEAR SUSAN: "Men don't realize the hurt and disillusionment that come with waiting for the
Susan Deitz 6/25/15 Single File: Friendships are worth cultivating DEAR SUSAN: Thanks for your words about friendship. I really hope they spark something for
Susan Deitz 6/12/15 Single File: Choosing reality over fantasy is not settling DEAR SUSAN: I ask you: Do people have to settle for less? Do I think
Susan Deitz 6/10/15 Single File: Desperation can be self-fulfilling DEAR SUSAN: Sometimes desperation doesn't begin as desperation. Time does that. Pursuing interests is what
Susan Deitz 6/3/15 Single File: Finding comfort in singleness DEAR SUSAN: My feeling is that dating adds to life but doesn't make it complete.