Protect your kids with these three new gadgets:

The makers of Pillow Pets have come out with Tricksters Helmets -- plush bicycle helmets that are safety certified for bicycles, skateboards, Rollerblades and scooters. Available in five different styles: Rainbow Bear, Flower Power Cat, LuLu Leopard, Panda and Snuggly Puppy. From CJ Products Inc., for ages 3 to 7. ($29.99 at

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Always In View is a wireless video baby-monitoring system that enables drivers to maintain visual contact with their infants. By law, parents are required to use rear-facing car seats for babies. The driver can't see why the baby is crying or is too quiet. A high-definition camera is placed inside a puppy, giraffe or monkey plush animal, each with long arms that are securely positioned on the back headrest facing the baby. The picture is transmitted to a color monitor mounted on the dashboard. ($199 at

Under Armour Eyewear has launched a collection of protective sunglasses for young athletes. They have adjustable nose pads and airflow technology to prevent fogging on the court, course or field. ($54.99 to 69.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods)