Southold resident and Grammy-nominated children’s rocker Brady Rymer and his Little Band That Could are out with their eighth album today, called “Press Play.”

The 12 songs include the title track about “waking up every day and deciding to try to go for it,” Rymer says. Another song — called “It’s a Beauty” — was inspired by a Long Island event, Rymer says. It’s about a 1930s Greenport fire pumper that was saved from the scrap heap by local firefighters and restored. The pumper now appears in area parades, he says.

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Rymer had originally planned for this album to be a collection of lullabies, he says. But he says he just had a “weird feeling” that the time wasn’t right for that, and instead enlisted his band members to help him bring some older, half-finished ideas to fruition.

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Newsday’s pop music writer Glenn Gamboa says in his Newsday review of the album that the band achieves the goal of making music the whole family can enjoy “in stronger terms than ever before.”