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"I Am a Witch's Cat," ages 4-8. The
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"I Am a Witch's Cat," ages 4-8.

The little girl in this picture book believes that her mother is a witch, and she is her black cat. Together, this mom and her daughter do witch-like things, like grow herbs, cook potions and ride on her broomstick. (HarperCollins; $15.99)(Credit: Amazon.com)

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Halloween books for kids

Candy shouldn't be the only treat your kids get for Halloween. Another way to celebrate this spooky holiday is to read Halloween-themed books to them. Research from Kansas State University shows many of these books may help children confront their fears. “A book is a safe place to explore fear -- much, much safer than the real world,” said Phil Nel, director of Kansas State University's graduate program in children's literature.

There are tons of books dedicated to this fun-filled holiday. Here, a roundup of not-so-scary Halloween books for the little ones.

-- Compiled by Jennifer Berger