Kidsday talk with 'Free Style' star Madison Pettis

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We interviewed actress Madison Pettis while she was in Manhattan recently.

What was your favorite movie to act in and why?

My favorite movie to act in. I think Ive had a lot of fun doing all the roles I've been in. But I think The Game Plan was a really fun one. That was like going with the Rock. And this one was really fun. Mostly Ghostly was fun. Cory in the House was fun. So I think I havent had any bad experiences. Ive enjoyed all of them. The Game Plan, this and Cory in the House are some like really fun.

How do you see yourself as a role model?

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Well, Im honored that people think of me as a role model. Its really cool. Its a really cool part of my job and I think there is a responsibility that goes along with that and it's really cool to have that position. So Im honored by that.

Did you always act or did you have any another career?

Ive been acting since I was 5 years old. So love it, but I also love to dance since I was 4. So those are my two loves. Id love to be able to do a movie where I got to dance. Its like being in The Game Plan, I did some ballet in the movie. Id like to do other styles too.

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Who was your favorite character to work with in the film?

My favorite character to work with. These are good questions. Corbin is really sweet. He's like a big brother to me. And Ive worked with Will Smith too. Hes like a goof ball. Hes just like his character on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He's really funny. And then I worked with Dwayne Johnson; he's like a dad to me. So Im a lucky girl. Ive had a lot of fun experiences. Theyve all been sweet guys.

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Do you play any sports or instruments?

Im taking guitar as my elective in middle school this year. So Im really excited about that. I wouldnt say I play guitar yet because all I really know how to do is tune it. So I wouldn't say I play an instrument yet.

What is your favorite subject in school?

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My favorite subject is creative writing or math. Im good at both and I love both. I think it helps when you good at something because youre like I got an A. I think I like this subject.

What do you prefer movies or television?

Theyre both really very different. I think filming a TV show youre going to the same place every day and you have a dressing room, like a trailer, working with the same people. So I think that's like going to a home and then doing a movie sort of like going on vacation. Youre going on location with all new crew, cast. So I think doing both is fun. Like doing TV shows and doing movies when youre not filming.

Do you get to keep the clothes from the movie?

I wish I got to keep all the clothes. I got dressed in some really cool stuff, but no not every outfit. Some of them go into a dress vault or something. I don't know what happens to them afterward, but I love some of the clothes I get to wear. Its fun.

How do you keep up with school while filming a movie?

I have a teacher who goes with me to all the sets and I have to do 3 to 4 hours of school every day. Like I said. That's what I have to do Monday through Friday. But if we have to work on the weekend then I don't have to do school. Just like regular school.

How do you feel when you see yourself on a television commercial?

Its a little strange, but since Im playing a character I don't really feel like it's even me. I feel like Im watching Sophie or something. So it's a little odd. Ill flip the channels and Im like Thats what they call me. It's a little weird.

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