I researched three bike trails you might want to explore this summer.

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  • Bethpage Bikeway: The path starts at Trail View State Park in Woodbury and ends at Merrick Road in Massapequa. This trail is long (12.5 miles). A great thing about this trail is seeing the ponds you pass by. One con is that it ends at a roadblock, so you have to go back the way you came.
  • Jones Beach trail: It begins at Cedar Creek Park in Seaford and ends at Jones Beach State Park. This trail is shorter than the Bethpage trail, at a straight 5.3 miles long. It’s a bit noisy because it runs next to Wantagh State Parkway. Before you start, you can check out the park, and at the end, you can go to the beach or play miniature golf.
  • Caumsett State Park: This bike trail, located in Huntington, is a dirt trail. It is a 5.5-mile loop. You can see the seashore and historic old buildings along the way, and there are many other things to explore at this park as well.

If you decide to go biking, enjoy these trails and remember — safety first.