My dad works for Mr. Softee as an ice cream truck driver. One day he took me to work with him, so I can tell you guys all about my dad.

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First, we went to the depot, which is in Brooklyn. When we arrived, I got to fire up the truck and ready the ice cream machines. From there we drove to our starting spot in Manhattan. Of course, the first thing I did when we got to our spot was make myself some ice cream. After that we got food from a cart across the street.

Next, I sold more than $100 worth of ice cream! When people stopped coming, we moved down a block. My dad and I took turns selling ice cream until the day was over. Then we headed back to the depot. I like helping him whenever I can every summer. It is so much fun meeting all the people who come by to buy the ice cream. And, Mr. Softee ice cream is the best!