Joey was beaten and thrown out of a car in a bag. He was used for dog fighting, and the owners decided to get rid of him. He had a broken neck. He had to be taken to a veterinarian where they were unsure whether he was going to live. This happens every day in the United States. All it takes is one person to save an animal’s life! There are over 21 shelters located on Long Island. Please help the animals.

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In my school that one person is our music teacher, Mrs. Sue Aupperlee. She raises money for Little Shelter Adoption Center in Huntington. She said, “I started when I rescued my first dog.” Almost $1,900 was raised last year because of all of the kids in the school. Mrs. Aupperlee doesn’t only raise money, she has four animals of her own. She said kids could help by donating money, blankets, food and toys. They can even volunteer at any shelter.

You will be glad to know that Joey was taken to my cousin, Dr. Lynda Louden Sheppard’s animal hospital, and he is doing well. Dr. Sheppard also runs the Healing Haven Animal Fund in Mount Sinai, which is an organization that helps animals in need. Are you going to be the one to save the next Joey?