My grandmother, Annette Dickenson, and I help at the fire station and we do activities for little kids and some older kids. One thing that we do every year around October is let every kid who wants to come visit get a chance to do so. There are activities and food and some firefighters come and teach them what to do in case of a fire. Kids get to look at the fire trucks and equipment that the firefighters use. They also teach you what to do to prevent fires so you don’t get hurt.

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Another thing we do is Christmas activities. Santa comes and gives all the children presents. There are crafts and treats. You get to make a little Christmas tree and you can make your own ornaments. It’s really fun and everyone loves it.

My grandmother is the president of the Ladies Auxiliary at the Port Jefferson Fire Department. Besides providing fun and educational experiences for the kids, she and a group of volunteers provide food and refreshments for the firefighters when they are fighting a fire. If the firefighters are sent to a call, my grandmother gets a team together to make sure they stay hydrated and maintain their energy so that they can stay focused on their job.