Wow, this electric skateboard — the Altered Fantom 1.0 Electric Skateboard — is so much fun because it moves without you moving. It goes over a whopping 10 miles per hour but it feels like it’s going faster.

The design is super-cool and slim. Two bright LEDs indicate when the skateboard is on and when the controller is connected to the board. There are three settings in the controller: slow (for beginners), medium (for basic riders) and fast (for speed demons).

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To compare, a normal skateboard is hard to get up a hill manually while the e-board goes up fine in fast mode. The electric skateboard has a much faster takeoff than a normal board. The e-board also has braking, so it stops faster than a normal board.

The e-board has braking and fast acceleration. Since it has three modes, you can ride it inside your house on low mode, which I do. It has a slim design and has light indicators. But the downside is the weight, which is 16 pounds. Another downside is the charging time — 12 hours. But it is still an awesome electric skateboard that is super-fun to ride.