Did you ever wonder what it is really like in the ocean? Then go to an aquarium. It’s a great place to learn and see different types of marine life. There are a few in the area that you can visit.

You can travel to Riverhead to the Long Island Aquarium (longislandaquarium.com). Last time I went there, a seal came to the glass while I was playing with a red ball. It kept following the red ball. Everyone was laughing.

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The New York Aquarium in Coney Island (nyaquarium.com) has lots of new exhibits. When I went, we walked on the boardwalk and went to the amusement parks. After your visit, take a ride on the Ferris wheel. You can see everything from up there.

If you want to stay overnight, go to the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey (adventureaquarium.com). We saw hippopotamuses and walked through a tunnel surrounded by sharks. We walked over the shark tank, too — amazing. You can also go to your neighborhood pet store or nature preserve. There are so many ways to see marine life and have fun.

There is also an aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut (mysticaquarium.org), but I haven’t been there yet, so you are on your own!