We met author Chris Grabenstein for an upcoming interview in Kidsday. We met him at Book Culture in Manhattan. His latest book, “Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics,” (Random House Books for Young Readers) is one of our new favorite books.

Before meeting Chris, we also got to meet his dog Fred! Fred and his previous dog, Buster, are very important to Chris’ writings. He told us: “I got all my ideas when I was out walking Buster. So I had Buster for 15 years, and we had a lot of fun. We’d go on walks together and I’d come up with ideas. When he passed away and I said, well it’s a lot of work having a dog in New York City, I’m not going to have another one. I lasted two months. I couldn’t write without a dog. So Fred is my number one writing partner and he’s had a book dedicated to him.”

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Chris also talked to us about how he got into writing and why he enjoys writing with bestselling author James Patterson, too.

We wanted to know what his inspiration for writing was and he told us it all began back in fifth-grade because his teacher was very supportive of him.

We think you will like this book. In it, Mr. Lemoncello invites teams from all across the USA to compete in his Library Olympics. We think you will enjoy the mysteries and the challenges that are in this exciting novel.

RATING 5 smiles