Don't you hate walking around school with a boring old black and white notebook? They all look the same with no originality to them. So why not transform your boring notebook into a unique work of art.

Here are some simple and fun items that you can use to make your own one-of-a-kind notebook:

CONSTRUCTION PAPER Use your favorite color to cover the front and back.

GLITTER GLUE Use it to write the subject, name, favorite team, or favorite singing group.

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PAPER LETTERS Use them to write your name or the subject.

STICKERS So many different kinds to choose from.

DUCT TAPE Use different colors to make creative designs.

MARKERS Use different colors to brighten up the notebook.

You can customize your notebook however you want. You can even do the same with your binder, spiral notebooks, folders, or pencil cases. Once you do one, you will probably want to do more. Be original and have fun.