The Blue Star Mothers visited our class. They talked to us about their organization and what they do to help soldiers and their families.

The Blue Star Mothers are volunteers who support our soldiers and their families. We met with chapter president Joanie Terciak from the Long Island Blue Star Mothers NY6. We had a chance to ask her questions about the things they do. She told us that they send food and packages to the soldiers with notes and treats. The soldiers like granola bars, and their favorite is beef jerky. When they are out in the field the soldiers line their pockets with these treats. The Blue Star Mothers also volunteer to help the soldiers at the Veterans Hospital.

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We learned The Blue Star Mothers use flags with stars, and that the stars represent different things. There are three stars: blue, silver and gold. The blue star means a son or daughter was or is serving in the military. The silver star means they were injured in battle, and the gold star means they died in battle. We also learned that the stars represent how many sons or daughters they have in the military. Each flag holds up to three stars.

We made cards and letters for soldiers who are far from home so that the Blue Star Mothers can include them in care packages to our troops.