Our class was privileged to meet Ms. Pam Burner, the founder of an organization called Bottles for the Brave. During her visit, we had a chance to ask her questions about her organization. She informed us that she started her organization in May 2015. The main purpose of her project was to be of help to our soldiers, the environment, and the Earth. Money from her first bottle collection totaled $400. This money was used to buy supplies, snacks, and postage for our soldiers who are actively serving in the military.

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According to Ms. Burner, for now this project is in place only locally. Our class feels it would be a good idea to recruit other schools to participate in the Bottles for the Brave project. Our class is proud to have collected approximately 1,324 bottles and is still collecting as part of our support for this cause.

It was so easy collecting bottles. So many people carry one around wherever they go. We hope everyone will help not only our Earth, but also our military who are serving all over the world. We can all help Ms. Burner with her effort, one bottle at a time. You can reach out to help Ms. Burner by calling her at 631-394-6267.