My parents belong to Harley Davidson motorcycle club. One of the benefits of this club is all of the charitable work we do.

My favorite charity is the big blood drive we do in March. There’s a barbecue and tons of raffles. You can also buy shirts and other merchandise.

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There are many requirements to give blood at this amazing event. You can’t give blood if you have been to certain countries in the past year. If you got a tattoo in the past year you also can’t. But if none of these apply to you, after you give your blood, you get cookies and juice.

You also get the feeling of doing something good for the world. Last year, I had an American Heart Association donation bag, and all together I collected $6,001! Some people gave a little and some people gave a whole lot.

A lot of people underestimate bikers because of TV shows and movies. The truth is not all of us are as tough and mean as you would think. And I am very honored that my family is part of Suffolk County Harley Davidson Group.