Have you ever seen purple shells? Every one is very different. I find them unique and I am surprised something can be so cool and pretty coming out of the ocean. I have found these shells on the beach, and this is why I collect purple shells.

At my beach house on Fire Island, there are so many purple shells. Every time my family and I go to the beach, we collect them. At my beach house we have a huge glass vase that holds them. We must have hundreds of purple shells in the vase. The glass vase is filled to the very top.

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The purple shells will come to shore when it is high tide or low tide. When it is high tide, there are not as many purple shells washing up onto the beach. They are more difficult to find. When it is low tide, the water is much lower and the beach is much larger. We are really able to pick out the purple shells we love.

Over the years of collecting purple shells, people I have met on the beach have told me that the Indians had used the purple shells for money. They thought they were pretty, so they used them for money and for jewelry. I tried to research this information but I was unable to find anything. It may have just been an old tale. If it was true, though, I would be amazed.