Are you into video games and are you looking for a place where you can have a blast with your friends? Crazy Gamer Dome in Selden might be the place you're looking for. They have personal 55-inch TVs, your choice of an Xbox One or PS4, myriad games to choose from, and while you are gaming you can sit in a leather recliner. You are able to purchase snacks and drinks including chips, candy, soda and water. It will cost you around $9 per hour to play. They host tournaments and birthday parties. Tournaments cost around $10 to enter. In the tournaments, it's you vs. other gamers for the grand prize. Tournaments are run by elimination rounds. It is a great place to have your birthday party. It includes an hour and a half of gaming, 30 minutes to eat the two large pizzas that are included, two two-liter bottles of soda, and you can bring any kind of cake you want served. If you're not sure if they have a game or not, they have a game list at the front desk to help you out. The address is 1310 Middle Country Rd. Call 631-880-7938 or visit There are 12 recliners and 16 consoles, which makes the wait time short. Make sure to have fun and tell your friends about Crazy Gamer Dome.