Dohdles (Thames & Kosmos) is a board game for three to six players and ages 10 and older. The idea of the game is for each player to sculpt two “dohdles,” objects made out of clay.

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Players have to then ask questions about each other’s dohdles to try to figure out what they are. The game has many pieces, including a shoot constructed out of cardboard to put in the center of the game board for people to slide their “guessing cube” in when they want to guess a player’s dohdle. This can be crazy when all the players throw their cubes in at the same time! This game can be a lot of fun, however, there were too many pieces, which made it confusing at times. The clay was soft but slimy, too. This game would be more fun and easier if you could just make the objects and guess instead of all the other steps.

RATING 3 smiles