We met actress Esther Zynn when she was visiting the Nickelodeon offices in Manhattan earlier this week. Esther stars as Princess Astral on the new show “The Other Kingdom,” which starts airing on Nick on Sunday, April 10, at 7 p.m. Our overall impressions were very great. She was extremely nice and very friendly. She is from Great Neck (and went to John F. Kennedy Elementary School), but now she lives in Manhattan.

Her new show is going to be an event you don’t want to miss. We think it’s cool that one of her powers is erasing people’s minds in the last 30 seconds. In this show, Princess Astral has to choose between being a fairy princess or becoming human. She is put into this position when her kingdom is put in danger. Along with a few friends, she has only 90 days to decide which way she wants to live.

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Our interview with Esther Zynn was beyond amazing. Her caring and sincere interest for what we had to say was super nice. Her answers to our questions were amazing. She told us that it takes almost two and a half hours to get into her fairy costume. She also told us that Princess Astral’s long blond hair is really a wig that takes a long time to put on. A special trick that is challenging to do is when she has to fly. Esther said that the stage crew takes harnesses and straps them onto her. Lastly, she told us that she admires Nickelodeon stars. We hope we definitely see her again in the future. We recommend this show to kids in second grade and above! We look forward to watching “The Other Kingdom.”

On a scale of 1 to 5, we would rate it a 4.5.