Have you ever considered a ferret as a pet? My family has six!

They are relatively small and easy to care for. They eat ferret food and use a litter box. Every ferret has a different personality. For example they have a cuddly and mellow side, and a feisty and playful side.

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When getting to know your ferret, you will learn their personality. You also have to teach a ferret that the hand is OK. So when you pick them up, give them a treat. Some good treat brands are Bandits and maybe even cat treats like Temptations. Yes they bite sometimes, but never to be mean. They do it only in a playful way. You should always let your ferret out to play. You can let them roam freely around your house or your basement (like we do) or just in a playpen. If you do let them roam freely, make sure you block off areas you don’t want them to get into and be prepared to clean up poop.

When you block off wherever you don’t want them to go, do it very well. Ferrets are like mini escape artists. Their little flexible bodies can go in odd places. One more final thing. Ferrets might scream when they fight, but that’s just a territorial thing. They’ll fight for dominance.

Want to find out more about these amazing animals? Go to ferret.org