Karts Indoor Raceway in Lake Ronkonkoma is a fun go-karting place for the whole family. It is the best indoor go-kart place on Long Island. It has a slick track, which means that the go-karts can slide around corners, adding an extra layer of difficulty.

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There are three different types of karts. First, there are two-seater karts, which are meant for younger kids with their parents driving. Next are the kids’ karts, which go 20 miles per hour and are fun to race around and slide. And finally, there are the adult karts, which go 32 miles per hour and are for people 18 or older, but if you pass the driver’s test, you can drive the adult karts at a younger age.

Besides go-karts, there’s a laser maze, mini bowling and a big arcade. Karts Indoor Raceway is a fun and exciting go-kart place on Long Island. Have your birthday party there! It’s at 701 Union Pkwy., Lake Ronkonkoma; go online to karts1.com