One of my favorite places to go and relax is Kung Fu Tea, at 70-10 Austin St. in Forest Hills. You can go there for fun and refreshing beverages.

What is special about bubble teas? They are flavored fruit teas and milk teas served cold or hot with tapioca balls that you suck up through a big fat straw. Yum! It’s like a quirky snack and drink in one! The tapioca balls are sometimes referred to as pearls or boba, which then turned into “bubble.”

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They use powder and syrup. In addition, you can add sugar to your tea. To make it hot, they boil it. To keep the tea from spilling, they use a special machine to cover the cup with a cup sealer. They have special straws to drink the bubbles. You can choose from many different flavors such as Oreo, original and taro. To mix up the solution, they use a shaking machine.

You can choose bubbles, jelly or even nothing. For adults, taro is good, or you can get a hot original. Just don’t drink the original at night, because it has too much caffeine.