"God Bless You." Those were words that I heard a lot at POTS in the Bronx. POTS, which stands for Part of the Solution, is a nonprofit organization. It gives people in need things such as food, haircuts, showers, mail services, holiday gifts, and more. I have helped serve food there a couple of times. It is great organization and everyone is very nice. About 20,000 people were helped by POTS in 2014. While we were there we served food such as chicken and mashed potatoes, passed out drinks such as cranberry juice. Another thing the volunteers did was clean dishes. POTS even gives out dessert. POTS gives a great meal that will fill you up. When you leave, you can take a sandwich with you for your next meal. POTS is a great place that can make a big difference. As Aesop says, "No act of kindness, however small, is wasted." So you can be part of the solution!