Have you ever been so bored that you don’t even know what to do next? Do you have an interest in digital arts? Well, the solution is simple, really. Join a Hofstra youth class. It’s fun and educational. I have done it plenty of times.

I took a video game-making class twice with the Game Builders Academy. You have the opportunity to design your very own video games. There are different levels to this course. In the introductory level course, you will learn the basics of video game development and you will get to design and program an action-packed game. You could also make your character collect gold coins, jump to different levels and design your own scenes. It is a great opportunity to let your creativity fly.

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Also, if you have an interest in computer programming, you could take Raspberry Pi classes. In this class you learn a great computer programming language using the Raspberry Pi computer. Learn to use raw input, and you can even make the computer say things like, “You stink!” If you do decide to take this class, just be sure to bring a notebook and pen, because there will be a lot to write about.

All in all, Hofstra University offers a variety of different classes for all ages K-12 with so many different subjects and classes.

Visit hofstra.edu and search for youth classes.