In the summer, there are lots of things to do. Some people like to play outdoor games, go to the beach, surf, play in the park, and many more. I like to ride a water scooter, like a Jet Ski.

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This is a small vehicle that skims across the surface of the water and that you drive like a motorcycle or scooter. Even though many people are not afraid to ride a one, there are still some dangers to watch out for. One is being in the ocean during a thunderstorm. Another danger is losing control of the craft. One last danger is shark attacks. That rarely happens, but you never know.

The first time I saw a water scooter, I was 4. I was so excited because I was going to ride with my dad. When I rode it I was super scared. When I got off I threw up a few times. I said I would never ride another one, but I was wrong. When I turned 7, my dad got a Jet Ski for himself. We went for a ride together, and after a while I wasn’t scared. That time I didn’t throw up — I just drank lots of water and I wasn’t dizzy anymore. Later that year I saw an ad for water scooter lessons so I asked my dad, and he said I could when I’m older.