Have you ever been so bored that you were counting the minutes as hours go by? Well, I have something to beat boredom: Build a pillow fort!

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Building a pillow fort can be challenging or easy for some kids. To build this, you need removable couch cushions, a soft blanket, lots of pillows, and a good foundation like a box or a hamper etc. Building a pillow fort can be fun. Like you can pretend you are on a magical island or taking shelter from an evil dragon who is burning the town. A pillow fort can be used as a secret club with an out-of-this-world password.

You might be wondering how I got the idea of building a pillow fort. One day my friend and I got tired of shooting a ball in the net. My friend said, “Let’s build a pillow fort!” So we got the supplies and made a clubhouse. When building a pillow fort, get a parent’s permission. Pillow forts can be made anywhere it can stay up a while or it will fall down. When I built my pillow fort three friends fit in it.