Do you know how to make Memorial Day bracelets? If you don’t, then keep on reading. First, gather all of your materials such as red, white and blue string, scissors, beads, and tape. Next, put three strands of string parallel with one another on a table and tape the tips of the three strands of string onto the table, but make sure they are close together. Then start crossing the three strands of string one over the other as if you were braiding hair, and add beads as you go until you get to the end. Next, make sure that your bracelet fits around your wrist. Each strand of string should be about 15 inches. Then if your bracelet fits, tie a knot by taking both sides of the bracelet and tying it like a shoelace. Finally, put your bracelet on. Now you have a perfect Memorial Day bracelet. Wear your red, white and blue to show that you are patriotic, too!