1 package (36 count) of Oreo cookies

1 8-ounce stick of softened cream cheese

1 4-ounce package chocolate melts


1. Put your Oreos into a blender and blend until completely crushed.

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2. Pour all of your crushed Oreos into a bowl with the softened cream cheese.

3. Mix the Oreo and cream cheese together until smooth.

4. Shape the Oreo and cream cheese mixture into ¾-inch to 1-inch balls and, put them onto trays lined with wax paper. Do not stack them.

5. Put the trays into the refrigerator for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours.

6. Put your chocolate melts into the microwave until completely melted.

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7. Take the refrigrerated Oreo balls and dip them in the chocolate.

8. Place the tray of chocolate-dipped Oreo balls back into the refrigerator overnight. And enjoy!