Are you tired of your puppy not listening to you? I am sure you are. Does your puppy love to bite? Does your puppy love socks, shoes, etc.? Well, here's the trick. Bring your dog to training classes. The trainer will teach your puppy how to sit, lie down, obey a "come" command, stay and much more.

If your dog is misbehaving, put him or her in a timeout for one minute. After that, take your dog out. If the puppy continues to do what he or she was doing, put the puppy back in the cage. Trust me, I have a puppy of my own and he loves to bite. Here are tips from the ASPCA on how to train your puppy:

Let your puppy bark two or three times, praise the puppy for barking, then say, "Stop barking."

When your puppy starts to bite, do not say "no," say "Ah, ah."

You should be training your puppy by no later than five months.

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Try to keep practicing commands with your puppy for at least five minutes.

Your puppy should only be eating two or three times a day. If your puppy walks away from the food for more than five minutes, take it away.

Only give treats to your puppy when he or she does something excellent.

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