Imagine being on a stage with the lights on you and everyone’s eyes on you. That is what it is like to be in a dance performance. I am in my ninth year of dancing at the All Star Dance Academy in Wading River.

I work with Jennifer Botti, who also started dance at a young age. She was 4. She told me that she always loved dance when she was a kid and she loves to teach her students ballet along with lyrical.

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I found out that she opened her academy in 1994 and she works with her students to express themselves through dance, improve their technique and to also enjoy the same passion for dance that she has. She told me that the format is similar because it is important to develop good habits. So there is warmup and stretching, practicing leaps and turns, and then working on choreography.

Jennifer told me that it is rewarding to own a dance studio because she likes to see the progress her students are making each year. She told me she likes teaching all ages, and boys, too!

She hopes that she makes her programs fun, and she loves the culmination of all their good work when they have a recital.

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