You might think that I have a strange interest in the community. I rescue cats. Rescuing cats can entail a lot of work because you have to care and nurture them more than when you adopt a cat from a shelter. Most of the time they are cold and hungry when you find them. At my house we have five rescue cats named Happy, Bishop, Mrs. Norris, Peach and P.C. My family is very helpful and supportive of my love for cats.

We rescued them because we just love cats and we don't want them to die because they don't have a home. One important detail when rescuing a cat or animal from the wild is that you have to take them to the vet to make sure that they don't have any diseases. They also need shots to keep healthy. So if you're considering adopting a pet, you might consider a rescue animal first because there are so many that need homes. I have a special place in my garage that keeps them comfortable and safe.