"Judy Moody & Stink: The Big Bad Blackout" by Megan McDonald (Candlewick Press) could have been called "Huge Happy Hurricane."

It is not that anyone likes dangerous hurricanes, but she wrote a fun story about how one family turns a scary storm into a good time together.

In the story, Judy and Stink hear loud sounds and wake up scared. The kids find out Hurricane Elmer is heading for their town.

Grandma Lou arrives to ride out the storm with animals, a kayak named Gert and a great sense of humor. She helps the family find out they can have a lot of fun with no TV, computer, video games or even lights.

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My favorite part of the story is when Judy tells her hurricane story, called "Mr. Drybones." You can only find out who that is by reading the book. I also made Ghost Toasties, just like Grandma Lou made. The only difference is, I made mine on the stove. Yummy. The story is easy to read and made me laugh.

People who get nervous or bored during storms should read this book. They'll love it as much as I did.