In the spring of 2015 we did a great thing for our community. We labeled about 100 storm drains. These labels let people know that dumping trash into storm drains is not at all good for the environment. Here’s why: Our storm drains lead to bays. Obviously, animals live in these water sources and they will eat the trash thinking that it’s food. This will lead to these animals getting sick and even dying,

They could also walk or swim into the trash.

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For example, Peanut the turtle, when he was young he swam into six-pack rings. As he grew older his body formed into the shape of a peanut because of the six-pack rings acting as a corset.

Many people think that storm drains lead to the sewer. This is why the majority of people who are dumping trash into storm drains continue to do so. Although you’re not supposed to dump trash into storm drains, either.

We hope you take into consideration the fact that you’re not supposed to dump trash in storm drains. If you are capable of doing so, please pass this information along to others.