Wow! Who knew my keychain collection would add up to 76 and counting? I get keychains pretty much everywhere I go. My favorite one is a soft, pink dolphin keychain from Hawaii. When I look at it, it reminds me of swimming with the dolphins with my family on our trip to Hawaii back in 2013.

Another one of my favorite keychains is from a Yankees game. It’s a pink, fluffy teddy bear with the Yankees logo. My grandpa is a huge Yankees fan, and I root for them because I love my grandpa.

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I have another keychain that I really like because it reminds me of the animal I chose for my oceanography report this year. It is a rubber sea turtle that has little colored floating balls inside of it. I found it at an aquarium I once visited.

A keychain collection is great because each one has a memory connected to it. Everyone should have a keychain collection because it is inexpensive, easy to start and fun to collect.

This is how you start your own keychain collection. First, you get a cool keychain you like. I always get one on my vacations, which is a good place to start. Next, you need to get a bag to keep them in. I have a little pink bag that my great-grandmother made for me and it holds all of my keychains. Hopefully, you can have 76 and counting like me.