Surfing feels like an adventure that takes me to a new world. At first I feel the sand between my feet. Then, I feel like I am floating through the clouds. When the waves come, they take me and my surfboard with them fast, like a race car. I have to keep my balance. When you fall, you get back up and try again. The volunteer surfer keeps me safe and gives me directions. Sometimes I get nervous, but I still love it. Being on the ocean makes me feel calm.

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Surfer’s Way ( is a nonprofit organization that uses volunteers to take kids with autism and special needs surfing. I have been surfing with them in Long Beach for four years. I have autism, and doing this gives me confidence and a love for the ocean. Their motto is: “Empowering Children with Special Needs.”

Every summer I look forward to Surfer’s Way coming to Long Island to take me surfing!