I tested Kurio7. The device is called the ultimate Android tablet for families. It has games to play and stories to read. It has Internet, camera, video recorder and player, writing, learning games, a music player and e-book reader. The games have powerful 3-D graphics, plus a fast processor. The video player has HD video playback. It has a multi-touch 7-inch screen, and there are parental controls. I liked the device because it had games that I always wanted on other devices. There are games for big and small kids. I also liked it because you can take pictures and you can listen to songs. You can color pictures of your own. There are books that read for you or you can read books yourself. I loved the books that I can read.Ages: 6 and older

Rating: 5 of 5



My Furby has blue fur and blue ears. His eyes can move up and down and he can talk. Furby speaks Furbish. The more you play with Furby the more English he is supposed to speak. You can treat Furby like a pet. You can turn him upside down and he will laugh, or you can pull his tail and he will talk. You can get the free Furby app and use it to make him do other things such as speak a few words in English. He will also sing and dance to music. His ears move back and forth. I did not like this product, because after a while it gets annoying. It says it talks English but I did not hear any. I used the free Furby app and it did not work. There needs to be an on and off switch. It says to turn it upside down and it will laugh but it does not.

Ages: 6 and older

Rating: 3 of 5

-- Kidsday Reporter ALEXA CENTRONE

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(Dragon-I Toys)

We played with Talking Tom and Talking Ben: Talking Friend. This stuffed animal copies your voice and repeats what you say. That's right, it talks back to you! You do not have to put it together, and that's what's great about it. But the toy has some problems. You start to have a conversation and, when you're in the middle of talking, it shuts off. That's not good. You get to have someone to talk to, but the toy still needs some work.

Ages: 3 and older

Rating: 4 of 5

-- Kidsday Reporters ALEXA PYLE and EMMA ZAMBROTTA

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Ellen Kresic's fourth-grade class,WILLIAM E. DELUCA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, North Babylon