Have you ever been to a wolf preserve, where you see wolves behind a row of chain-link fence? Have you ever wanted to get closer to them or even pet them? There is a place where you can, Howling Woods Farm, in Jackson, New Jersey. Under the supervision of a guide, you can be in the cage with the wolf-dogs who have been trained by the workers at the walk-in preserve.

Howling Woods Farm is a public charity that rescues and places domestic-bred wolves, wolf-dog hybrids and northern breeds. The staff also provides education and information about wolves and wolf-dogs. You can find them at public events, with the wolves, throughout New Jersey.

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Before contacting the preserve, please check the event schedule to make sure it is open on the day you want to visit.

To visit the preserve, you have to make an appointment, which can be set up on a weekend or during the week, by calling them at 732-534-5745. You can’t book an appointment by email. They will fill you in on what’s appropriate to wear in the enclosures and how to act so that the wolves will feel comfortable with you.

For more information on the wolf preserve, visit howlingwoods.org