In our class we do brain breaks in between each subject to get all our jitters out before we start our next lesson. We get up out of our seat to do exercises. Mrs. Linda Vaianella has a die and a bingo card with columns and rows that have warm-up exercises that we do in PE.

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When she rolls the die the first time, she looks on the card and matches the activity to the number. For example, if her first roll is a 6, we do the activity shown in the first column, which is standing tree for 15 seconds. We might do 10 wall push-ups or mountain-climbers, etc.

The other type of brain break is when Mrs. Vaianella looks up on the “If You’re a Kid . . . (Dance Around)” song. That song gives activities to do. (If you’re a boy, go swimming, or, if you’re a girl, do jumping jacks.) There are also seasonal “If You’re a Kid . . . ” videos. We really love our brain breaks.