Long Island Family & Elder Care (LiFEC) Trading Post is a donation center that allows people to drop off as well as shop for household items. The money the trading post earns is contributed to the LiFEC organization. They are a friendly shop that welcomes everyone to shop and browse for all kinds of things. You can donate, buy, sell and trade. This organization helps many people in our community who have loved ones who are in need. They care about helping the elderly and disabled stay safe and comfortable in their own homes.

The trading post appreciates any items or cash donations you are able to give that will be used to assist LiFEC in meeting the needs of the community. They accept accessories, appliances, art, collectibles, bicycles, boats, cars, clothes, food, electronics, furniture, jewelry, memorabilia, musical instruments and — your time! You can contact them at 516-826-4483, or you can find them on Facebook.