We tested new headphones and earbuds.

Leah tested the Star Wars Chewbacca Second Edition headphones (SMS Audio). She wrote: “The Chewbacca headphones are brown and they come with a cleaning cloth and a 3D poster and sticker. I like that there’s a volume control on the cord and on the headphone there’s a Chewbacca belt on the sides. They are very comfortable.”

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Skylar tested the ETY Kids safe-listening earphones by Etymotic. She wrote: “This device is a set of earphones that are pink, and the ear tip colors are white, silver or light purple. It comes with a shirt clip, the earphones, 3 different sizes of ear tips and a black bag. It can be used with a phone, a tablet, a computer, and basically any other electronic that has sound. It is made for kids with sensitive ears and I like the earphones because they feel comfortable in my ears and they do not hurt.” For more information, visit etymotic.com.

Felicity tested the Coloud Over the Ear Headphone. She wrote: “These headphones are amazing. You can use these headphones with your phone, tablet, computers and laptops. The come in different colors like blue, yellow, orange, black and pink. I think this is wonderful and great. I like the item because you get to listen to your music. Another reason is that you get a lot of privacy.”


RATING 5 smiles