Attention all baseball players! Have you ever wanted to measure the speed of your bat swing? Well, now you can with the Blast Baseball 360 Swing Analyzer.

The Blast sensor is a great way to improve your swing and swing speed. Your swing will be improved just like that. Players can view and study a wide range of data to improve their skills. You can capture video and share on any social media with the Blast Motion Sensor app.

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Instructions: First, pop open the box and what you will see is the Blast Motion sensor, a wireless charger and cord, and last the nob to connect the sensor to the bat.

Next, download the app Blast Motion 360 and add all information needed. You will be asked your bat size and width and weight of the bat, then personal information.

We then brought the sensor to Chip’s baseball practice to let the teammates try it out on their own and everyone liked it.

We recommend the Blast Baseball 360 Swing Analyzer to anyone who plays baseball and likes working on their swing.