My necklace is really important to me. If I lost it I would be a different person.

My brother Blake went to the beach with my Oma and Opa. He saw a few beads appear after a wave rushed by. My Oma said Blake should make a nice little necklace for me.

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So he picked them up and rushed to the car and said, “Let’s go to the store.” Blake got a hot glue gun, an S-ring and a twist. The twist is to get the necklace on and off. Oma and Opa paid for the things, and the three of them left the store and went home so Blake could start the necklace.

Blake grabbed everything out of the bag, including the beads, and then he got to work. Soon came my birthday, and Blake finally finished the necklace. So he wrapped it up in a bow and gave it to me at my pool party. I gave him a really big hug and I said thank you. Ever since Blake gave me the necklace, when I was just age 3, I have never taken it off, and I am 9 now.