Do you ever wish you had the best school? My school is pretty close to it, but sometimes I wish my school had all the things I wish it could have. I came up with my wish list. If my school had all of these things, it would be the best school in the world. Here they are:

1. No homework -- I could just imagine the freedom of no homework.

2. Fewer school days -- Who wouldn't want that?

3. More recess time -- If only recess could be a whole period and not just some half-hour time of play.

4. Gym being two days or more a week -- Who doesn't want more of the greatest special in the world?

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5. Better variety of books at the school bookstore6. Better options at the cafeteria -- Right now, it's not looking so good.

7. Being able to watch better movies with more variety -- I'm sure everybody in my school would love being able to watch a movie with real action.

8. If the school's technology allowed us all to have laptops!

If my school were all of these things, it would be simply amazing.