Myachi Man came to visit us at Mount Elementary School. Myachi Man, also known as Stephen Ochs, along with his friend the “Kid Myach,” came to teach us how to become Myachi Masters. Myachi Man is the creator of the Myachi toy.

It looks like a hacky sack except it’s very little and rectangular in shape. They taught us how to play with it. You basically maneuver and toss it around your body. How do you do this? You throw it up in the air and then you have to catch it without catching it. Meaning you have to catch it using the tops of your hands or feet.

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I really enjoyed their friendliness and humor. Two days later we got our very own Myachi at P.E. We practiced all the tricks they showed us and had lots of fun.

Thank you, Myachi Man and Kid Myach! Come back anytime.