One day my dad and I came across the wildlife company Ocearch ( They tag sharks and track their travels along the coast. They also have a phone app. In 2012, a shark named Mary Lee was tagged off the coast of Cape Cod. Mary Lee is a 16-foot-long, 3,464-pound great white shark. She traveled from Bermuda to Jones Beach and came very close to shore, which made many people nervous and they started tweeting about it and putting the app on their phones.

The Ocearch website has an interesting video that shows

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the researchers tagging the shark. They throw a buoy out into the water, then when the shark tugs on it, they pull the shark in.

They put a stick in its mouth that pumps water so it can breathe. They put the tracer by the dorsal fin. The reason they put it there is because that part of the shark doesn't move much. The tag connects to the satellite when the shark's dorsal fin comes out of the water. The app is worth getting because it tracks all different types of sharks and other wildlife and you can watch where they travel right on your phone!