We smell. We all smell! No matter how we try to cover it up or dress it up with fragrances, we all smell! But, if you could, would you rather smell like flowers or baked cookies? I asked 100 kids in the seventh and eighth grades that question and here are my sweet results:

Cookies: 62

Flowers: 38

It’s cookies! Here are some of the responses kids gave when I asked them about their choice:

Student #1 said baked cookies. “I’m a cook and I cook many things. Cookies are my favorite. They have crisp chocolate chips that are so yummy.”

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Student #2 also preferred baked cookies. “Bees would hurt me if I smelled like a flower. I have a crippling fear of bees. They are scary!”

Student #3 said baked cookies because “I’m used to smelling cookies at parties and events like hangouts and birthdays.”

Student #4 chose flowers. “Baked cookies can be burned sometimes, and they won’t taste good.”

Student #5 said flowers because “Flowers give a peaceful tone to others and yes it sounds weird, but it’s true!”