Science Olympiad is a science, technology, engineering and math competition that I work on all year to prepare for. It contains 23 events. Some are building-based, but most involve studying. Building events include things like Bottle Rocket and Air Trajectory, and studying events include Rocks and Minerals and Crime Busters.

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Early in the year, two team members are assigned to an event and are given a rule sheet describing topics that will be on the test. There is no specific textbook or website to study — you research all your own information, so by the time competition season rolls around in the winter, you’re ready.

I’ve been doing this club for three years and I’ve learned so much, from how to prevent diseases from spreading to how to interpret satellite imagery to predict the weather, and how to solve a crime using fingerprints and chromatography. Over the years, my teammates have become my best friends. We go on long bus rides together and get excited when one of us wins a medal in our event. Science Olympiad is all about teamwork.