We are Girl Scouts and we love the cookies, but is it time to add a new flavor? I asked 50 kids that question and it was clear that everyone definitely has different tastes.

Though everyone was different in their flavor choices, the No. 1 flavor was cookies and creme coming in with a whopping 11 student votes. Coming in second was cake batter with seven students and rounding out third place was cookie dough with three votes.

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Though most of the flavors the students came up with sounded delicious, and any one of them would make a great choice, my favorite would be cookies and creme.

I have to say that there were three choices that kids picked that I would never want to taste in a cookie: taco, chili & guacamole. Yuck! Those flavors are good on their own but definitely not as a cookie flavor, and I do not think the Girl Scouts would sell many boxes of them.