We surveyed 96 kids in the third, fourth and fifth grades about what age is appropriate to start having sleepovers.

Age 8 and younger: 21

Ages 9 to 10: 61

Ages 11 to 12: 12

12 and older: 2

Eleni, a fourth-grader, chose younger than 8 because her first sleepover was at age 2. Jadyn, a fifth-grader, agreed with Eleni because she started having sleepovers at age 4. Another fifth grader, Rebecca, also chose younger than 8 because sleepovers can help kids make new friendships.

Some kids thought that a little older would be better. A fourth-grader, Brian, chose 9 to 10 because kids start to get a little more mature. Finally, Olivia, a third-grader, chose 11 to 12 because scary movies that some kids watch at sleepovers can scare younger kids.

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Most of us agreed that by age 12, kids are ready to start having some sleepover fun.